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We are located in the wonderful Anchorage, Alaska!


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Establishing Food Security in Alaska – The Indoor Growing Chapter

Anchorage, Alaska 2015 has been a year of centennial celebration, which also brings the responsibility of hindsight reflection and steering into the future with prosperous goals to make our city and state a great place to live, work and play. VHH team recently attended a panel discussion at the Anchorage Hilton Hotel focusing on Alaska’s economic history and possibilities for the future. The panelists included Margie Brown, former President & CEO of CIRI; Larry Cash, founder, President & CEO of RIM Architects; and Dr. Rashmi Prasad, Dean of the College of Business and Public Policy at the University of Alaska Anchorage. With oil prices looming at the bottom of the barrel, part of the discussion was centered around creating comparisons, but focusing on contrasts between Anchorage in the 1980s and Anchorage now. Another part was to acknowledge tough times ahead as the state restructures its budget and revenue sources in attempt to grow other industries. So where do we start? Margie Brown made an insightful point about generating revenue via value added services. What she was saying is that there is much higher chance for success to create revenue by expanding on existing industries rather than starting from scratch. Not to say that it’s impossible to get started in a new industry, and perhaps, the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), is one such example. And even then, with a healthy aviation industry, UAS development is getting a jump start in areas of workforce availability and research. But nevertheless, to expand more on Margie’s comment, we see this opportunity as a Two pronged approach: 1. Dissecting an industry into its parts and exploiting each part in... read more

Growing Red Leaf Lettuce Hydroponically

Red Leaf is here. Since our very first produce bounty in mid May, we’ve been harvesting lettuce every week.  It has been very exciting and gratifying to see the crops grow so well in the Gen. II CGS. While we’ve been mostly growing Butter Lettuce (bib lettuce), a few weeks back we planted a Red Leaf variety and were rewarded with an awesome harvest last week. Red leaf is a type of loose-leaf lettuce, with delicate leaves, despite its crunchy stem in the middle. Similar to Green Leaf, but with maroon pigment deposited on the edges and the leaves themselves, this loose leaf variety likes to sprawl a bit while it’s growing and thus requires some “dressing up” before it can hit the shelves. To help with that, we’ve created a new branding look for this lettuce – an Alaska grown twist tie with a custom flag that shows variety, growing methods and its origin. Think of it as nifty outfit for its debut at the stores that also helps collect all the leaves in one awesome bunch. As always, you can find this beautiful variety at Bell’s Nursery and select Carrs/Safeway stores in Anchorage, Alaska. What’s the difficulty level growing produce hydroponically? Our goal is to demonstrate to our future clients the simplicity behind growing fresh and nutritious produce hydroponically, here in Alaska and around the world. We’ve already researched the type and quantity of nutrients and water you will need, the seed varieties, the proper growing medium, the time from seeding to harvesting, the best LED lights, the right temperature and airflow, all to optimize the growing environment and to take... read more

How and where to find our lettuce

Just like a treasure hunt, find this label in stores and you’ll get rewarded with soft and juicy butter lettuce, hydroponically grown by your team at Vertical  Harvest.   Non-GMO and pesticide free, we take care to select the best varieties and produce the freshest leafy greens. When you eat this lettuce, you have a piece of mind knowing that it was picked just a few hours or few days ago at most, right here in Anchorage. It takes us about an hour to harvest and package the lettuce, which means that it can be on your dinner table the same day! The fresher the produce, the more nutrients it retains, the more profound are the health benefits.   Where to shop: Carrs in Anchorage (Huffman or Aurora) and Bell’s Nursery on Specking Road. While you are at Bell’s, you can get your hands on a fresh harvest of vine ripened tomatoes and cucumbers and send your daily veggies recommendation into overdrive.   To your health, The farmers at... read more